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Welcome to Optimus Imaging, the most loved Candid Wedding Photography Team, based in Coimbatore (India). We are defined by what we do, and it's our passion and daily life. Weddings By Optimus Imaging is not just a tag line but we believe in that.

We, at Optimus Imaging, capture the soul of a wedding through our candid wedding photography masters and traditional Wedding photography Pioneers. We try to use the most modern wedding photography equipments which helps us to capture the wedding rituals and candid wedding moments with ease. We capture the most aesthetically aspired & loved occasions of your wedding. We feel blessed to be a part of your most loved & precious memories. We promise to capture the best through every click & we expect it to be destined for eternity.

We communicate our style of candid wedding photography with the beloved families who accept us to their precious moments & you will hardly notice us while we capture the best of wedding tales & moments with ease.

Our communication skills keep you at ease, even with the most unexpected & beautiful moments. We do have a style of work that has only one goal: ease of generating the best from each and every wedding. We prefer to get involved in the complete planning of the wedding event wherever photography takes centre stage because it's important to get the best results. From lights & colours to timings, everywhere we try to give the best suggestions to be inclusive and silent in the flow of events while it unfolds.

We always believe that delivering the content in time is as important as producing it with the best of creative methods. We deliver it as fast as we can, whether it's soft copies or the Premium Photobooks.

Contact us

Wedding Photography by Optimus Imaging
Flat 134, 4th Floor,
Madhushree's Nest,
RVN layout, Siddhpudur,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641044
+91-9495099900, +91-9747889549

Optimus Imaging
URA135, Edapally, Ernakulam
+91-9495099900, +91-9747889549

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