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Traditional Wedding Photography & Traditional Wedding Videography


We have our specialized team for capturing all the important moments of the wedding which includes wedding rituals, beautiful portraits, etc. We always try to work according to the family's event plan and create the most touching visuals. Our team collects the family's event plans & requirements prior to the event and works accordingly.


Candid Wedding Photography & Candid Wedding Videography


Candid Photography & Candid Videography team will capture the most beautiful moments on your wedding day. Our candid visuals will take you back to your special day with nostalgia and a smile on your face. Our team will never make you pose or re-do any rituals for the candid visual. We capture the moments with an ideology that “ The most beautiful moments will never happen again ”.



Premium Wedding Albums


Our premium wedding albums will tell you the story of your wedding day with a blend of traditional photos and candid visuals. You will experience our albums like watching the whole day once again.
The reasons why our clients love our Premium wedding albums?
1. Photo selection is our job, you just need to do the corrections prior to printing.
2. Printing will be done only on your confirmation.

3. So your wedding albums will reach you in the committed time.



Cloud-Based Wedding E-Albums

The future is here! We provide you the best Digital Albums which you can view on any digital interface from anywhere in the world. It is Cost-Effective too!



Traditional Wedding Video

You can watch & enjoy the documentation wedding video backed with engaging pieces of music & live sounds. It will have the complete happenings from the start to the end.



Wedding Highlight Video


Our Cinematic highlight video will take you through the best moments of the complete event. You will love to carry the montage throughout your life and it will always gift you a bouquet of memories. You always have a choice on the songs to be used, but it should be discussed about its viability with our post-production team prior to the edit.

Your complete wedding photography solutions are here. Our packages start from INR 10000 to INR 500000. We believe that our budget preparations must address every need of our client. So from here, you can download our general packages which will be a good starting point while we go together on this journey.

Why go with a size that stiched for somebody else? You know how to make wise choices & you deserve the best, Allow us to make customized & economically sorted out photography & videography package for you. 

Take me to the most recommended Package for My Wedding Photography & Videography

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